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Roof Washing

House Washing

Flat Surface Cleaning

Mold, algae, and bacteria take years off the life of your roof, reduce the value of your home, and put an unsightly blemish on the appearance of your home. Roof washing can kill of growth and restore luster to your roof.

 Over time, mold and algae can build up on your siding. High pressure washing can damage your home so at Pristine we utilize a low pressure house washing system that restores your home to its former glory.

Using the latest in Surface Cleaning technology, we remove years of build up from your patio sidewalk or any other flat surface; and we do it quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying your property quicker.

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Platinum Home Care by Pristine Inc is your singular solution to a multitude of problems. Annual Window, House and Flat Surface Cleanings are just the beginning. We ensure that your property is maintained year round and that you have the peace of mind that comes with pre-qualified expert repairs on any and all issues that arise at your home.

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Platinum Home Care

Window Washing

Commercial Services

Dirty Windows? Pristine Inc. has you covered. Inside and out. Top to bottom. You will not find a more spot free, streak free solution to dirty windows. We utilize the latest technology to prevent streaking and time honored tradition and workmanship to guarantee your satisfaction.


Your sidewalks and entryways are the first things your customers see as they approach your restaurant. What message are they conveying? Our flat surface cleaning process will  bring the cleanliness standards of your sidewalks, service entrance and dumpster pads in line with the rest of your clean and inviting establishment.

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